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Aegadian Archipel - The Islands


his name comes from the fragrant plant thyme widespread on the island. It ‘s the oldest island of the archipelago, the most mountainous, the richest in spring water and the one that has the largest number of caves. Amoung them, the one of the “nativity set” is the most spectacular especially if visited on boat..


is the largest of the Aegadian islands. here the “mattanza” (the tunny-fishing) is still practised ,it’s an ancient boys ritual very important for the economy and folklore of the island. An important landscape’s trait is the presence of ancient open-air tuf caves .


is attractive for its simplicity and its unspoiled beauty.The small Levanzo, inhabited by almost two hundred people,gives the visitors the opportunity to dip into an uncontaminated atmosphere, and the “Genovese’s cave ” is the heart. Inside some prehistoric engravings depicting humans and animals of high archaeological value are still preserved.

Aeolian Archipel - The Islands

Alicudi e Filicudi

Alicudi and Filicudi kept their rough and wild places wich still get an intact evidence of eolian architecture. Itineraries in the archaeological sites and in the natural landscapes are possibile by muletrack. The coasts offer amazing views, creeks and caves of ancient origin.


Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian islands and has a real urban planning composed by the Castle, the Cathedral, the churches, the park and the Aeolian Archeological Museum “Bernabo Brea, ” and sixteenth-century fortifications.


Panarea is the smallest of the archipelago. Lush vegetation welcomes visitors and shows his origin volcanic with fumaroles. The white-domed houses, hibiscus plants and bougainvillea, the quiet coves and sharp rocks protruding from the sea characterize the landscape of the island.


Stromboli is formed by a volcanic cone, 900 meters high, and some houses on either sides. It is in permanent activity and gives to the visitors extraordinary emotions as the Sciara del Fuoco, magma channeled between two ridges, observable at night from the sea..


Vulcano is characterized by black sand beaches and volcanic events present in most of the island: sulfur fumaroles emitted from Great Crater, thermal waters and the large pool of sulphurous mud.


Salina is the most fertile of the Aeolian Islands and it’s rich in water, here it grow fine grapes from which we get the Lipari’s Malvasia wine , a sweet wine and also capers that are exported around the world.

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